Sleep Apnea.

Suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA)?

If you or your partner snore at night, we’re sure that you will know all too well the problems it creates…

Snoring is the noise you hear when the airways become partially blocked during the night. This can result in periods of time where the sufferer is not breathing at all.

So, if sleep apnoea can stop you breathing….what other effects can snoring have?

Having a partner that snores and stops breathing whilst they are asleep can be scary for you, and dangerous for the snorer’s health. An interrupted night’s sleep for the snorer often means that they are always tired.

This affects the ability to work and to be social with partners, friends and family. Relationships are damaged as the non-snorer often ends up sleeping in another room, destroying intimacy as the partner gets use to sleeping alone and causing resentment and tension.

So what are your options to manage heavy snoring?

Well, we have all seen the CPAP sleep apnea machines that look a lot like scuba apparatus. They cost thousands, are not a cure, and are a guarantee of decades of non-intimate sleep. There are various types of splints and mouthguards available, but they often don’t work effectively, have similar problems of being uncomfortable and are another piece of equipment in you or your partner’s mouth. They are not a cure and usually end up abandoned in a bedside cabinet.

Our Laser Snoring Solutions for Sleep Apnea.

– Our Nightlase solution deals with the problem for all but severe apnoea sufferers.
– Our laser snoring treatment offers a fast, convenient and effective solution that gives you and your partner a gentle and easy way to rediscover a good night’s sleep.
– Our NEW laser treatment gently heats the tissues of the palate. This tightens the collagen fibres, which give tissues strength and structure, greatly reducing the looseness and floppiness that causes the snoring.

Our Laser Treatment:
– Improves or resolves snoring
– Improves the fatigue-related affects of snoring.
– May eliminate or reduce the need for CPAP machines.
– Is quick, painless and effective with no anaesthetic needed.
– Each treatment takes about 30 minutes and you can return to work or normal activities straight away.
– No side effects!

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